Beautiful bathrooms



project description

We will be changing the bathrooms so they become cleaner and more energy efficient. Because, honestly, our bathrooms are not in the best shape. Right now, they are not private, they’re dirty with paper towels strewn across the floor, and clogging up the sink, they’re vandalized with inappropriate words carved into the stalls. They smell disgusting and they have a drab, depressing feel to them.

     We would repaint the walls with brighter colors to encourage better feelings, and paint designs on the wall to make them less boring. And, we would replace the paper towels with hand dryers to save trees, and conserve the atmosphere. With your help, we would replace the manual toilets and sinks, with automatic toilets and sinks to conserve energy.

       We would buy stalls that are more private and add more secure locks to help you feel more comfortable in the bathroom. In addition to all of that, we would put fresh flowers in the bathrooms, that we could grow on the higher part of the field.

project team

Genesis B.

Clara B.

Oscar B.

Mya C.

Hazel C.

Celia D.

Isaiah D.

Gage F.

Sahprize G.

Chelsea H.

Terrence H.

Taniyah J. 

Diamond K.

Jelasia K.

Elsa M.

James N.

Ezechiel N.

Angel P.

Josiah P.

Aileen R.

Sylvie S.

Ashika T.

Kat W.

Jaylen W.

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