chill vibes garden



project description

Our project is a gazebo surrounded by a garden it provides a relaxing environment for our pupils to work out their problems honestly.

A garden with many beautiful flowers such as Asters, Alstroemeria, colorful Zinnias, Hydrangeas, and Freesia. With a 11 by 11 gazebo in the center of the garden which is located in the  upper field of the soccer field. This project will provide a relaxing environment where students of Walker Upper Elementary School can workout their problems honestly. The gazebo is a place that is private and it is a safe  environment. There will be no time limit to the gazebo or garden but a teacher will make sure there is no goofing off, and a teacher will be watching from afar to insure that there is no violence.This project will help improve relationships between friends. It will help keep Walker School friendlier, help students be more accepting, and help with less violence.

project team

Cody F.

Tyrique J.

Naomi K.

Maria L.

Aaliyah L.

Atira M.

Miri M. 

Jessica M.

Mazzy O.

Rohan P.

Valeria Q.

Tatyana R.

Simya R.

Achilles S.

Ty'zhon T.

Nasir W.

James W.

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