food is guud + full court basketball



project description

Full-court basketball games and fresh foods in the cafeteria will benefit lots of students.

If we win, we will create a garden, with fresh foods. On Fridays we will buy cheese pizza with the money we saved when we used foods from the garden, instead of buying it. This will make food taste better because we can add spices and the food will be fresh.

We will also have a full court basketball game,  which will be more fun for students to play. Full court basketball will let students get rid of more energy, so they can focus better in their afternoon classes.  

If we win we will install new basketball hoops and repaint the court. This will allow more competitive basketball game. Having full court basketball will let students get rid of more energy, which will let them stay focused throughout the day.

Using the farmbot we will also make a garden to have fresher food. Using food from the garden will save the cafeteria money, which will be used to buy special lunches on fridays. The lunches will be the same price as usual for students or even lower. If our project wins, having better lunches will make it easier for students to learn and stay focused throughout the day.

project team


Irfan A.

Aaron B.

Sophie C.

Tyemontre C.

Grant G.

Diquan G.

Mohammad H.

Jaquinn J.

Ellery L.

Ike L.

Tamarra M.

Alber M-M

Edwin P.

Sayed S.

Nate S.

Carter W.

Brady W.

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