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project description

We are the only school without a garden. We feel our school would benefit from a community garden and the fresh fruits that could contribute to school lunches and would be the result of a gardening club. Party Starts Here is an awesome way of having a fun and great experience! You can play lots of games and do lots of fun activities.

Walker Upper Elementary is one of the only city schools without a garden. Our group, the Garden Group, proposes to build a garden on Walker grounds. Our plan is to make a garden at Walker and have the food that grows there incorporated into the school lunches. We would like the kids who are behaving in class to come out and enjoy. We are hoping to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. We are aiming to inspire kids to grow their own gardens and join activities at the school consisting of the garden.


Our garden will be accessible to all students. It will be easy to walk to and from it. It will have a fence to keep unwanted things out, such as deer, rabbits, and kids who want to vandalise it. It will be open during school and edge hours, and closed after hours.


Our group thinks this is the perfect opportunity for our school. We will have a garden, fresh fruits and vegetables for the school lunches and a community space.

Do you want to have an awesome time? Well 6th graders! You’re in luck! This is a very  fun and easy way to have a good time with your friends. This awesome party will include pizza, drinks, movies, popcorn, cake-walk, spin wheel includes Takis, Airheads and cookies, face painting, board games, computer time, phone time, free time. All these activities will make sure that everyone has something to do, kids that want to go play outside. Kids that like sports such as Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball. This will be once every semester and a really good time to play with your friends.

project team

Junia B.

Samaria D.

Audrey E.

Evan E.

Samy G.

Emilie G.

Mercedez G.

Piper H.

Anya H.

Forcey L.

Landon N.

O’Zius S-K.

Tennyi S.

Olivia W.

Noelle W.

Cyrus W.

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