helpful homework



project description

Some students require some help on their homework because they don't like to do their homework. And some students don't have enough time for homework. This project would help people finish their homework faster. And after there´s GAMES!

Our project is called Helpful Homework and we are trying to help kids get done with their homework before class so they don't have to do it all at home and miss family time. 


This project can help you with homework after school so you have time to do the homework and as much family time as possible. 


The helpful homework is located in the Spanish/Chorus Room. We will have College helpers in there to help ALL the students. We will also have games and snacks as rewards after you do your homework.

project team

Peter B.

Dior D.

Sana H.

Aaliyah L.

Eli L.

Jeramiah M.

Laniyah M.

Jude M.

Ciajah R.

Steve R.

Genesis S.

Kiana S-H.

Marwa S.

Petey S.

Alex T.

Sudip T.

Matthias Z.

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