improving the gym bathrooms



project description

This project is a way to improve the quality and sanitation of the Walker School gymnasium bathrooms. We would replace the soiled tiles and leaky drains, and would make the decor nicer.

Our plan is to “fix” the gymnasium bathrooms. We all know the bathrooms at our school need tremendous improvements and renovation. We are here to conduct this project. The bathrooms at our school have proven to make many students uncomfortable, because they are in an environment that is not fully sanity. There is also a lack of privacy issue in the gymnasium bathroom, because of absurdly large cracks between the stall doors. We can fix that with your support!

project team

Matthew B.

Katerine B.

Mya B.

Matthew C.

Naia D-R

Thimson D.

Eva F.

Elias G.

Tymirra G.

Grayson H.

Makayla H.

Sela K.

Cassidy M-B

Ananda M-G

Makayla M.

Marin P.

Chelsie S.

Robert S.

Sinniyah T.

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