project Funroom



project description

A way to have fun in school and reduce stress by having a room to hang out and bond with your peers in. You will go to the Funroom for thirty or forty minutes at least once a month.

Recently, our students have been bored in school so we figured out that we could have fun at school by behaving good is a way to have fun at school. In our funroom, we will have many fun things to do, including ping pong, basketball arcade, air hockey, foosball, board games and more.

The teacher can decide who goes and the kids can also go after school.

project team

Wren A.

Kamaruis B.

Jada B.

Georgia C.

Ari D-C.

Ryan F.

Zuma F.

Daisy G.

Alex H-C.

Vihn L.

Edgar L-J.

Alanna O.

Gray R.

Oumou S.

Amaya S.

Klei S.

Reya T.

Anton W.

Amin Z.

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