Student Voice



project description

This Participatory budgeting project involves students getting their own choice to make things better. But when we saw all the problems and troubles students had, we decided “why not just fix everything?” So our project is called Student Voice and that’s exactly what it is. The students will elect 5 representatives from each grade, so the 6th graders and the 5th graders will have a say in the direction the school goes. There will be 3 seats for president, secretary, and treasurer. These positions will be voted on by the whole school. They will have specific duties such as keeping track of money and fundraisers
(Treasurer),  to take notes and help decide the agenda at meetings (Secretary) and to run the meetings and be the go-between for the council and the administration. Any council member can also take on any role deemed necessary by the council. Meetings will be held after school in a classroom, and all members are required to attend. If a member misses several meetings they are not responsible enough and can be voted out. Students can see a representative or place suggestions in a box. The secretary and president will then decide the agenda based on what people want.  The president will keep order and bring up what is on the agenda. Then it can be discussed and if a vote is needed, everyone gets one vote except the president, who only votes in case of a tie. The secretary should write down everything they can about what happens. To make sure the council does not make any non-responsible decisions the principal must approve anything that passes through. A term is one semester (2 in one school year), the 3 school-wide seats will only be able to serve 2 terms, but the grade reps have no limit, provided they keep getting elected. To keep it from being a popularity contest students will need to support an idea while running. They will need to come to meetings, not have suspensions, not a sore winner or loser, strong but not too powerful, and able to solve problems.

project team

Braelyn A.

Rahma A.

Jaylynn B.

Gudrun C.

Samirah C.

Winslett C.

Lamia J.

Harper L. 

Jasmine M.

Townes M.

Nate O.

Holden R.

Kevohn R.

Kaz S.

Raelyn T.

Troy W.

Jakob W.

Layla W. 

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