take a break, you've been good



project description

This is mainly going to affect the people who are usually well behaved  in class. The kids will go to a location that is being supervised by a teacher or employee and take a break for a certain amount of time.

It is basically for the well behaved kids who have done all their work, but they usually do not get rewarded for doing the right thing. This project will help the well behaved kids have a chance for relaxing, because they never get one. When the teacher thinks it will be appropriate for the student to leave, he/she will take a pass to the location that this project will take place at. There will be a lock on the door in case any misbehaving kids manage to try to sneak in.

project team

Yousif A.

Joshua B.

Nalaiah B.

Cyrus C.

Caroline D.

Lena D.

Graham G-S

Ze'carra G.

Oliver J.

Solomon L.

Nathaniel O.

Jinho P.

Evelyn P.

Jimir R.

Hannah S.

Paul W.

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