The 9-week School Dance



project description

The walker school dance is a treat and fun party that you can go to for good behavior and it will be full of exciting things.

The end 9 week school dance is a fun way to celebrate the 6th and 5th graders that stay out of the zone.There is food,a photo booth,and transportation.there should be no drama.there will be games and fun activities to enjoy. It will be start at 6 o’clock until 8 o’clock pm.

project team

Caron A.

Juanita B.

Kamari B.

Anna C.

Alan F-P

Dy'Avius F.

Chasity G.

Golden M.

Amaranta M.

Eh Klu P.

Jawad S.

Faduma T.

Shakeem T.

Brayan T-L

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