The chill zone



project description

The chill zone will operate in a currently unused classroom. It will be a reward for students who are responsible and respectful.

The chill zone will be in a vacant classroom. We have decided that the best use of this room would be to have its use be a reward for students who are attentive and on task in their classrooms. As it would exceed our budget to hire another staff member to supervise this area, being in this classroom will be a teacher duty. Students must have a special pass in order to have access to this room.

project team

Kamya C.

Nyzaviah C.

Jemiyah C.

Braysen D.

Mason D.

Lily D-H

Sofia E.

Ta'miyah E.

Ali G.

Trevin H.

Dynesty K.

Taniya M.

Lux M

Demareya M.

Elle P.

Margaret V.

Ladavion W.

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