the dream cafeteria



project description

Help us create a better cafeteria so we can have more food options, warmer food, better milk, more Juice, & better seats.

When some people are at the back of the line and instead they get the cold food and nobody likes that. Everyone wants to get the warm food some people don’t enjoy steamed carrots and green beans. Instead, we will have more cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes,watermalon, and kale in our new school garden (coming soon). The garden will be located on top of the field.  In the cafeteria, there will also be microwaves and other necessities.

project team

Ezat A.

Jahlee B.

Yahir C.

Quinn C.

Nixon C.

Selena D.

Sanai E.

Katherine G.

Yasmin G.

Saadia H.

Zoe K.

Amina M.

Kevin O.

Jamal R.

Amir S.

Q'morai J.

Harper W.

Nuolin Z.

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