The Social Garden



project description

We should get some bunnies and we can post facts about the plants and we could do a harvest of the month .we could use some of the things that we plant in the kitchen.

Let’s have plants on the plateau above the field.We have no garden anyway we are the only school in charlottesville without a garden.A garden will let us relax after a long test or class work. It will help you build hobbies if you're kinda  into gardening.Also for therapeutic purposes there will also be bunnie rabbits. so kids can relax and it may make kids feel better about the garden.

People feel happy since most people like animals.

project team

Jeremy A.

Addison A.

Sylvie B. 

Josue C. 

Ny'Mill C. 

Kasey D. 

Kayla D. 

Seamus G. 

Huck H.

Ché L.

Cody M.

Estha N.

Stella N.

Sam R.

Brian S.

Anthony S.

Grayson T.

Andre Y.

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