The Step-tracker project



project description

Let’s have a step counting competition to get us in shape and have fun

Kids today do not get enough exercise because we are obsessed with technology.        

To make kids aware of how little we move, and to encourage us to move more, we propose to get every kid a step tracker and get them to exercise, have fun, and to try to win prizes. This will be a half day event - with 5th grade the first half and 6th grade in the 2nd half - where kids are outside playing sport events, With their friends. We will provide food and water.

project team

Demetrius B.

Nick B.

Alex C. 

Kevin D.

Jahmira F.

Richard G.

Amir G. 

Molly H. 

Damajah H.

Addie J. 

Maya J.

William J. 

Marcus J. 

Mark L. 

Calvin L.

Frankie L.

Arlenne M.

Beh M.

Eh Ta Lwel P. 

Keyly R.

Diamond S.

Keli T.

David V.

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